Thursday, April 17, 2014

Max's 1st Easter Egg Hunt at School

Max's preschool had an Easter egg hunt on Tuesday and I couldn't miss his first official egg hunt! I took a long lunch and visited him at school.
This is his classroom. They were supposed to do it outside, but the rain/cold weather kept us inside. We practiced inside so he didn't know any better. They also left the eggs empty inside which was fine by us since he doesn't know something goes inside.
Max did a great job of finding the eggs and putting them in his bag.
Gigi came to help, too!

He was pretty excited about his finds.
My silly boy.

Looking at his loot! I have some other great pics of him with his other classmates, but I am not going to post other people's kids faces on my blog without permission so these will have to do. I had fun watching him interact at school. He listens so well and is talking so much at school. The teachers are great and I am glad he is going. We are doing our neighborhood egg hunt this weekend outside so more fun will be had! Pin It

Monday, April 14, 2014

Pregnancy # 2 Surveys: 29 & 30 Weeks

How Far Along: 29 & 30 weeks (I'm behind in posting so I'm actually just about 31 weeks now but for survey purposes we'll keep it accurate).

Size of baby: Your baby's almost 3 pounds (like a head of cabbage). She's measuring right on track for the amount of weeks I am.

Total Weight Gain: 17 lbs

Sleep: I'm still up about 2-3 times a night for the bathroom, but if I don't go on my phone I can fall back asleep right away. I haven't afternoon napped on weekends in a long time so I guess that's a good thing. 

Symptoms: Nothing too crazy going on, just normal stuff. I am noticing that my stomach is shaped more higher up than with Max.

Gender- Girl, not named yet but exploring a few options more seriously lol.

Movement: She is quite the mover, just like Max was. It's very similar to last pregnancy.  No idea if she's breech or turned or what. Doctors aren't concerned for at least 5-6 more weeks. We just knew early with Max because we had an extra ultrasound around this time because of not being able to see some parts in our anatomy scan.

Maternity Clothes: Finally got some maternity work pants thanks to my sister and her finding some out shopping. Thanks to my mom for taking them up, they were super long. I have been doing more comfortable dresses which I look forward to for the upcoming warmer months.

Best Moments this week: It would def. have to be David taking with test on Friday. I know it's not timing related with the weeks, but for sure the best moments. We have our David back with full attention to us!

What I'm looking forward to:  My sister and my mom are planning this ADORABLE sprinkle for baby girl and the invites are just too cute. I will have to get permission from them on showing you!

Milestones: Max has a big boy bed and furniture. Just need to decide if I'm painting the it... I keep going back and forth. It's navy blue and I wanted a chocolate brown, but that is a lot of work and it really doesn't look bad... We also had family maternity photos done/Max's 2 year pics this weekend. It was rocky at first as Max was shy and cried, but once he eased into it I think it went pretty well. I can't wait to see the pics!
I should have cropped these photos, but I didn't so what can ya do.
Me and my beach ball! These pics were taken at 30 weeks.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Latest Happenings!

Sorry I've been MIA lately, we've just been in a holding pattern with not much going on. Except our recent weekend trip to see Miss. Hadley!
Michelle mentioned that there was an airshow going to be going on and we should come. Well, we let David have the house to himself this past weekend to study (had to leave him alone on his birthday, but don't worry celebrations will be this weekend). We are anxiously awaiting Friday, when the test will be over. We get to have David back and boy do we have lots of plans these last 9-10 weeks before baby comes! We got the kids noise canceling headphones and weren't sure they were going to want to use them. Before we knew it they were playing with each others and having a grand ole time.
The thunderbirds were the highlight of the air show. They were very cool to see and the Max loved seeing them. He would count the planes as they went by.
We skipped his nap to get there on time and he thankfully took a little stroller snooze for us.
They were all decked out in their sunglasses momentarily as you can tell. One of Max's favorite part of the day besides the planes was the school bus ride. It was actually just a shuttle bus, but he kept saying school bus. He had a blast.
Waiting for the bus!
Little Hadley boo waiting for the air show to begin.
They kept their headphones on for all the thunderbirds act. There were times it was so loud that it scared us and they didn't flinch. Def. worth it!
We had such a fun time visiting and playing. Mom is looking up at the planes here. Max was a crazy boy around Hadley maybe trying to show off I don't know. Luckily he has calmed back down upon arriving home.

A few other things that are coming up is our photo shoot this Sunday for Max's 2 year pictures and family maternity shoot. I bought this cute navy dress at Kohls and then tried to coordinate outfits for us. Going with a navy/yellow theme. I just have to make sure you can see my belly ok in the dress and it won't blend with the photos. The weather looks amazing (78 degrees and sun!).
I also got some new furniture paint and tested it out on a white stool I got Max that we haven't assembled. My goal is to repaint Max's big boy bed. Yup, you heard that right.
We purchased Max a big boy bed via craigslist. It was brand new from Pottery barn in the exact style I wanted for $400 less than retail. Only issue is that it's navy blue. I wanted the dark mocha/chocolately finish. So I found some great paint (velvet finishes) and was testing it out (not in the chocolate color). I like how the color goes on (very smooth looking/no brush strokes), but am not loving the finish so still testing it out. I don't want to ruin the smooth nice pottery barn look.
We also found Max a dresser set via his parents online community website. We got a really nice long dresser (shown above), side table, bookshelf and trunk for $300. It is so durable, I LOVE it. The color works great too because all the hinges/handles are that dark chocolate color. I didn't take any other pics, but I will update you all in a bit.  The lady was so great and just wanted it to go to a good home. I mean why pay full price for such wonderful things! 
We got back Sunday with a bunch of goodies from Michelle's (newborn baby girl clothes, milk storage containers, bassinets, etc.). David and I are still in denial she's coming so soon, I think I'll cook her in here for a few years lol. We decided to put the bassinet together as Max was interested in the pieces and we felt we needed to do at least one thing to get ready for baby girl. He was a bit confused it wasn't for him, but then we told him to put his stuffed animal in there as a place holder for the baby. He was so cute! Stay tuned for lots more fun updates.
We are hitting the ground running with rib-a-palooza for David, his Dad and Nephew Josh's birthday this weekend (photo from a past party), basement renovation planning/starting and Max's big boy room. Pin It

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pregnancy #2 - Weeks 27 & 28

How Far Along: 27 & 28 Weeks- We're in the 3rd trimester! That is crazy, where has the time went!

Size of baby: Your baby now weighs about 2 1/4 pounds (like an eggplant) and is almost 15 inches long from head to heel. Baby girl can blink her eyes (which have lashes).

Total Weight Gain: No idea prob. between 12-14lbs.

What I miss: Nothing really.

Sleep: Sleeping pretty good with the occasional bathroom breaks

Symptoms: I am feeling pretty good, no complaints here. Back is doing very well and no other issues.

Cravings: Going to need mexican/a burrito soon lol Someone mentioned it and now I can't get it out of my head.

Name: Name not chosen yet

Movement: I have started to feel her higher up. I am pretty sure she is transverse (sideways). I feel her sometimes up in my right rib area and have to sit up and stretch out to give her more room. She is a wiggly little thing (so was Max). She goes NUTS when I give her lemonade since that is really the only sugary beverage I drink. 

Maternity Clothes: Still over stretching my pants with the bella band. I have had such a hard time finding pants at a reasonable price that fit. My sister picked some up at a store by her so I am anxious to get those. If the weather would stay warm I could just stick to some dresses/skirts I have. 

Best Moments this week: Snuggling with my buddy. David was out of town last night and Max cried for his mommy at 4:30am. He rarely does this unless he is sick or something is wrong so I went to get him. He didn't really indicate what was wrong with him so I just brought him to my bed. He wanted TV and crackers, but I just said nope, we have to sleep if you come in here. He said ok and we just snuggled (he held my hand) and fell asleep. Sweet boy.

What I'm looking forward to: It's about to get SUPER busy around here mid April so just enjoying some free time on weekends and excited to go visit my sister next weekend for their air show.

Milestones: Well, I had my glucose test done about 11 days ago and never heard anything so I finally remembered to call today and everything was normal with my glucose levels and iron. I guess no news is good news, but still annoying they didn't call. We have family maternity pics/Max 2 year pics scheduled April 13. We also have lots of things on our to do list once David's test is over April 11th. We will be celebrating his birthday (April 4), getting started/finished on Max's big boy room and full on basement renovation plans.
28 Weeks
Max trying to grab my belly button. He still loves to talk to his baby sister and hug/kiss her.

Definitely a growing girl in there! Sometimes David and I forget that a baby is actually coming because he's been so focused on studying/work stuff and I haven't done a ton of things to get ready. Ready or not, in about 12 weeks she will be here!!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Baby Girl Nursery Brainstorm

I've been very go with the flow this time around with all things baby girl, hence she still doesn't have a name at all. I also didn't really start planning a nursery because I don't know when she'll be when. My mom is in the room the nursery will be most likely (we like location and such) so the basement has to be done for us to move baby girl in so no rush. I also knew I didn't want a full on pink room, but still very girly. Well my awesome neighbor asked if I had any nursery theme and I said no a few months ago  and she offered up a pottery barn set she had from a while ago. She tried to consign it, but they didn't want to offer her barely anything so she saved it for a better home. I feel honored she asked if I wanted it. Once I found out one of the main colors in the bedding set was purple I started pinning. I didn't want a purple room, and I just LOVE molding/chair rails so this is the perfect inspiration for baby girl.
She will have the white crib and I am thinking of doing the frames/chair rails like this.
Here are some shots of the actual crib bedding.

I love how it's not all purple and there are other colors like green, blue, yellow and white.
She sent over the crib skirt (left), bumper, pillow, sheets, sheer curtains and lamp shade.
Close up! So pretty.
I would also love to do curtains like this buffalo checkered in the purple and white if I could find material.
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Max's Big Boy Room Renovation Plans

As I've said before, Max's nursery room never got redone when we moved (yep, been here over a year now). 
We had set up a Where the Wild Things are nursery mural out of vinyl and the family buying it had 2 young boys so it was perfect for them. He will keep the same Wild Things theme (he really loves the book now) with a foresty/woodsy feel to his room.
Here is the inspiration pic (from Pottery barn when they carried the wild things theme). Luckily my sister bought the wild things sheets before they were discontinued last year.
This is Max's current room. He has a big wall that you see when you walk in the door. The ceilings are pitched as you can kind of see and to the right is the huge window (not sure why I didn't take a picture). His window is a big square and then has 2 side panels and a half circle arch above the big square one so lots of light.  We have black out panels and his curtains. Across from his crib is some wall space where we have his book and chair and then his closet.
His dresser/changing table are on the left wall. We decided to give the white nursery furniture to baby girl including the glider. Max will get a new big boy bed (twin), dresser and all that in a dark wood color probably. Did you know that beds/furniture is ridiculously expensive for nice stuff? Well, it is. I am still searching for the perfect things. The existing beige in the walls is pretty nice and this room must not have been used much as there are no marks on the walls like in other rooms.
We decided to paint the one wall where his bed (current crib wall) is on a foresty green. I picked a bunch of paint swatches as you could see in the past post and decided on Porter Paint's Dill.  I painted a poster board so we could see how it would look in different lighting in the room and with the bed quilt. My cousin Adam is going to paint his wall as his birthday gift (thanks Adam in advance!).
Here is Max modeling his sleeping with his quilt. Looks pretty comfy, buddy! I'll update you once we finish/start this! Pin It

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pregnancy #2 Surveys: Week 25 & 26

How Far Along: 25-26 Weeks (actually 27 weeks just a little behind on the surveys)

Size of baby: The network of nerves in your baby's ears is better developed and more sensitive than before. She's continuing to put on baby fat. He now weighs about a pound and two-thirds and measures 14 inches

Total Weight Gain: 11-12lbs 

What I miss: Nada, but maybe a glass of wine to be in Napa Valley with my sister who is on vaca to Cali!

Sleep: Sleeping pretty good with the occasional bathroom breaks

Symptoms: Feeling pretty good just get tired by 9pm every night unless I nap during the day (on weekends).

Cravings: I have this cereal obsession that I usually eat some before bed each night. It can't be healthy cereal it has to be captain crunch with berries, cinnamon toast crunch, lucky charms (now I am craving that after seeing all the St. Patrick's day treats) or something along those lines.

Gender- Sweet baby girl. No name yet.

Movement: She's a good little mover.

Maternity Clothes: Looked all over for consignment maternity pants and they don't have my size anywhere so I will be purchasing new pants for work here soon. My shirts/sweaters are all def. too snug, but just trying to wear what I have.

Best Moments this week: Finished taxes (yay basement savings!) & picking a paint color for Max's accent wall. Just doing little things since David's still busy studying for another month.

What I'm looking forward to: Enjoying nice weather with my buddy and working on some basement cost estimates.

Milestones: I had my glucose test last week (26 weeks). I haven't heard back yet so we'll see! 
Don't mock my pants. I'm telling you, I need maternity pants that fit so I changed into my comfy pants after work and didn't want to change back.

I asked Max where his baby was and he lifts up his shirt of course! Silly boy.
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