Friday, September 14, 2012

Michelle's Baby Shower

I decided to do a sweets and treats baby shower for Michelle since a majority of her pregnancy she had been craving yummy desserts. As part of my plan I needed a skilled pastry chef and I knew the perfect person for the job. 
 Insert Jen (and Max grabbing her hair). I grew up 2 houses down from her and have watched (via her blog) her baking skills evolve. She lives in Colorado right now so I asked her if she was available for a trip home to do some baking and thankfully she was!
 We came up with a list of desserts that were also color coordinated with the shower colors. She did a phenomenal job prepping, baking and having everything ready on time. I wish you could have tasted everything, it was amazing. Not only did they look so good, they were incredibly tasty.
 Since Hadley's nursery colors might possibly be a fuchsia pink and yellow we decided to embrace it with our dress colors.
My Aunt Kathy helped host the shower and we used her beautiful house (look at the pretty trees in the back yard). Max of course had to be dressed up with his new collared shirt and overalls. 
 If baking wasn't enough work for Jen S, she also made some adorable decorations for the shower. She really is a great friend. I can't thank you enough especially since I've been so scatter brained around here.
 Of course we had to have a tutu diaper cake!
 Michelle had her brother in law, sister in law, Jame's grandma and uncle make the trip from out of town. It was so great to see them all and have them join in her special shower.
 I made 2 lemonade type punches to match our color scheme with cute straws.
Check out all these desserts. 
 There were cream puffs, strawberry angel food cake cups, yellow and pink sugar cookies, jelly cookies, cupcake, chocolate cake balls, lemon cookies, and lemon squares.

The cake balls were my favorite!
 So glad my grandma could come to the shower. 
 We had yummy food brought by our relatives. 

 We played a matching candy bar game to go with the theme. 
 Unfortunately, I forgot to take staged pictures of guests so these will have to do!

 Kacy must have gotten the answers wrong by the look on her face lol :) (sorry kacy, had to post this pic, its the only one I got of you at the shower!)
 Michelle received so many wonderful gifts for baby girl Hadley. Of course one of our favorites was this Georgia Southern cheerleading uniform for Hadley (from Jen S- so thoughtful).

The tutu on the diaper cake doubled as a birthday gift for Delilah. She looked so cute in it (mom made this one too).  I'm so glad we could all get together for Michelle's shower. I can't wait for Hadley to get here. Thanks again to everyone for coming! Pin It


Dan and Kacy said...

What great pictures from the shower! I can't remember what Kristin and I were talking about - but what a funny picture!

Mock family said...

such a fun time, thanks everyone!

Lacey said...

WOW What a beautiful shower!!!! Great job! I LOVE all of the food and decorations! So excited for Michelle!

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