Monday, October 28, 2013

We are back!

We are all back in one place after our week of traveling. My work conference in Destin was busy but we had a good time. We then went to Macon so David could take his PE exam Friday. Results won't be in for 2-3 months. Saturday night we went to a Halloween party where our group went as breaking bad. Pic is on Instagram but I didn't want to broadcast my costume. Let's just say it looked like I was a bag of blue skittles. Sunday we went to Alabama to pick up Max, mom and Molly! David and I also  listened to Divergent and Insurgent (almost done) on the ride. David's addicted. Big shout out to Molly today as she turns 8! Enjoy some pics I stole from my sister (who apparently is Max's best friend now).

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Mock family said...

They just look so darling together! Miss then already

Chris said...

Fun pics!

Britt R said...

Looks like such a fun trip! I am doing my first trip with the pack n play this weekend, so I hope it goes well :)

Sara said...

So fun. Glad to hear you survived your trip. Also, when did our babies get this big?! Max looks like a 3 year old!

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