Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Wrap Up & Weekend Fixings

I wanted to officially document Max's 2nd Halloween with photos. I told you that I didn't think he would wear his costume. Well, the neighborhood kids were out early posing for pics so I took Max out there in his regular clothes to see them. He was in awe of all of them dressed up. I then asked him if he wanted to go put his on and he said yes. We quickly finished eating dinner and I put his costume on. I asked if he wanted to wear the head part and he assured me that he did.
He was the cutest little penguin I ever saw! 
My neighbor, Megan got this one of me and my mom walking him up the street to meet the rest of the kids.
This is Max's bff Noah from next door. He is 4 and Max just walks around asking about Noah all day long.
They are 2 peas in a pod with their all boy behaviors. 
These are all the kids in our little culdesac area plus a few extra from up the road which we've adopted as our culdesac.
I love our neighborhood and all the kids. Even though they are a bit older than him they all play so nicely together. Max also found kids his own age that are boys so he is going to have lots of fun growing up here I think. Can't wait to see them all grow each year.

Our deck is dirty and has green mold on certain areas so David's first project post studying was to pressure wash the decks and the upper soffets on the house. I don't have a picture of his contraption he rigged up to get his bleach/water mixture up that high but it was entertaining to watch.

I love the pretty fall colors our foliage is displaying in the background.  He still has to finish some of the upper deck and the bottom deck.
We will re-stain at a later time (prob. spring), just want to get the mold and dirty all cleaned up.
The underneath of the gutters had all this black all over and David has cleaned that all up from around the whole house. That took a day in itself. The list is now never ending and I'll keep you updated on our latest house happenings. Hope you had a great weekend. I did go to Hobby Lobby and took advantage of 50% off Christmas decor since we have a very large tree and some new wreaths we scored for free/cheap at the end of last season. Pin It


Mock family said...

I love that one of buddy holding hands with you guys!! I'm glad he came around. And tell me moms wearing a Halloween vest.....

Chris said...

Aww, yeah, that is a great pic of Buddo with your hands holding him. Good stuff!

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