Monday, April 21, 2014

BIg Boy Day

We decided it was time for Max to officially become a big boy and get rid of his pacci. He is a little over 2 years and 2 months old (wanted to document that for the date). When we'd talk about it he knew he didn't need it anymore and wanted to give it to other babies who did need it. We wanted to make sure he knew it wasn't going to baby sister so he wouldn't have any resentment towards her for taking it. David and I were both off on Friday so we thought it was as good a time as any.
One last good bye
Mom found the perfect size box to fit it and as you can see he was pretty excited about it.
Bye bye pluggy
Sealing the deal.
Still excited as we put it in the mailbox to mail off to the babies who need them.
We even put the flag up.
Right after we drove down to Atlanta to go to the Children's Museum. The kids were all supposed to be off that day, but with all the snow days it was a makeup day so I didn't think it would be as crowded... I was wrong. Bus loads of kids came.
He had fun exploring around. They had farm to table area with kitchen play, slides, water/fishing area, painting, pipe building, sand, trains and more.

I knew he'd like to fish as he tries to fish with rope or anything he can find at home. I will have to get him his own fishing station now that the weather is warmer.

He caught one (well maybe Gigi helped)!

One of his other favorites was the pipe station. They had holes all over and you could put pipes in each one and add blocks and fittings. He was in his element here, such an engineer already. I do have to say that we were good about getting not a lot of kids in the photos, but trust me it was packed out. I also didn't love the price. At $13ish each (parents had to pay too) I wasn't a big fan. I thought the place would be a lot bigger, too. We did get to go to IKEA while we were down there and got some great ideas for our basement kitchen/bathroom areas so that was a fun end to the day. Ok back to the big boy day. He napped in the car/some of IKEA so we didn't have to worry about the pacci at nap time. Next up was bedtime. I've heard stories from parents saying their kid asked for it, but once they said it was gone their kid was fine and went to sleep... For those other half of parents where that wasn't the case... I FEEL YA. My poor little buddy. It was ROUGH. He was VERY distraught. He understood it was gone and knew that he mailed it off, but he was crushed. Very sad. This was almost as bad as our early 6 month cry it out phases. He cried/screamed for over 45 minutes. Going in wouldn't have helped as I knew what he wanted. We didn't cave and he did not make a peep after that for the whole night. He was happy and excited to be a big boy the next day... Stay tuned for big boy bed update. Pin It


Holly said...

Thank you so much for posting this, my little guy is the exact same age and we're fighting the same pacci battle. THANK YOU!

leah said...

Aww hate he had to cry but y'all totally did it right. Glad he had a big boy day and truthfully they do let go of that attachment really quickly!

Chris said...

Nice job Max! He seemed all good Sunday evening on Facetime and he as quite talkative making sentences like "Look at this Chris" and things like that. Definitely a big boy now!

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