Monday, February 22, 2010

Dinner Out with Groupon

I recently heard about the website They have it for various cities, so check to see if its in your area. They offer restaurant discounts and sometimes spa items or event discounts. I recently for $15 got $35 worth of food and drinks at Loca Luna in midtown Atlanta. David works in the big city, but I mostly stay put in the outskirts. We like to try to go explore some areas downtown at least a couple times a month so this was the perfect way to save some money eating out and try somewhere new.The catch with the groupon is that a group of people (get it, groupon) have to purchase enough of them for the deal to be valid. So even if you sign up for it by the end of the day you may not have receive it anyway.
This is some of the pretty skyline as we drove down (sorry bad quality, phone pic).

It is a tapas restaurant and after 9pm on some days it turns into a Latin salsa dancing club, we didn't stay for that. I was a little disappointed that we got sat outside on the patio (it was around 35degrees out that night). They had heaters, but they kept going out. We had chicken tacos, carne asada, black bean hummus, caesar salad, and caprese salad with a mojito and sangria for drinks. I think we went over by $3 so it was a great deal.

Here is a picture of us staying in the entrance to the restaurant.
 After dinner we drove around Atlantic Station and ended up at IKEA. I love walking around there looking for ideas. You can probably spend all day there easily. We also enjoyed a little dessert. David got the yogurt and I got a big cinnamon roll (for $1!). It was all very yummy. 
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leah said...

What a fun date night! Thank you for introducing me to, hopefully I'll be able to find a good deal like you did!

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