Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow in GA!

We started the weekend off with some pretty snow! I left work a little early on Friday and was glad I did. It wasn't sticking at first, but a few hours after it started it began sticking to roads. Traffic was not fun. Poor David was stuck in it for 2 hours on the way home. It's a good thing we had dinner at the neighbors house because we wouldn't have left otherwise.
Down the cul-de-sac
Little Molly just loves to play outside! 
Snow is much more fun when it doesn't happen that often. Sorry NY peeps, it's the truth.
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Mock family said...

SOOO true Jen!! Look at little Molly

DudeMan135 said...

Molly isn't so little any more! And I have to add to your comment about snow...Snow is MUCH more fun when it only happens to someone else! :o)

David said...

Jen, you didn't post the picture of me snow boarding off the roof.

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