Monday, July 5, 2010

Sushi Night!!

Hi Everyone! I feel like I haven't posted in a while. My sister and Mom have been in town the past week and we have been exploring Atlanta. We went to the CNN center, Ikea, Lake Lanier, Botanical Gardens and much more! I will post on those this week. We had another homemade "sushi" party last week and the girls had lots of fun mastering their sushi rolls. 
Michelle and Amber stopped off before dinner at Olive Garden for wine. Did you know that if you buy a bottle and only drink 1-2 glasses, they give you a to go box and let you bring it home!
We took a quick picture using the timer before Ashleen and Audrina arrived.
A sushi party isn't complete without Saki! Ashleen had never had it before and she was not amused by the taste. She said it tasted like Lake Lanier. Shell isn't a big fan either.
Here is our setup- sticky rice, chicken teriyaki, avocado, cucumber and salad with ginger dressing.
Here is a montage of Michelle perfecting her sushi roll!
Ashleen also didn't like the seaweed wrap that you use, maybe thats what she called Lake Lanier.
Audrina was also a big help. 
Everyone had a great time and apparently everything was funny that night. We all had fun catching up. It's been a year since we were all in the same state. 
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Mock family said...

how fun it looks and it was! yummmmmm I love fake sushi :)

Lacey said...

That looked like such a FUN NIGHT!!!! I LOVE sushi! I've never made it before but it looks like fun!

Also- didn't know Olive garden gives you a to-go box for your wine!

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