Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Duvet Cover Decision Has Been Made

With the overwhelming response about my duvet choices, I had to order duvet #1 from Pottery Barn. I am happy to say that it has arrived and I LOVE IT. It is super soft, a great pattern and color.
 Here is a before picture of the old duvet cover on the bed. Sorry about the mismatch pillowcases, it bothers me a lot. I caught molly mid tongue lick.
 The after with the new duvet. I just put it out over the old one, so its not washed or anything. The lighting in the room wouldn't make the pictures bright enough, but you can get the idea.
I am loving the colors of the duvet, I am just not sure now of the wall color. It is currently a gold color which is doing something not so great with the bed headboard and bedding color. I need your suggestions. Paint the wall? If so, what color? Molly decided not to move when I started putting the bedding out so that is why there is a big lump in the bed.
Here she is! Such a sweet girl.
I am also not sure on curtain colors and that lamp is still going away. Man I am so indecisive and could use your advice. We have also discovered that using our box springs makes the bed too high up, you have to kinda jump up to get on, but taking them off makes it way too low. Doing some research online, it seems we need a bunkie board, which is used for bunk beds and just adds support and a little height to the bed. David will be making that at some point. Pin It


asj said...

love the duvet, and LOVE molly sneaking into the pictures!

I'm not sure about the wall color either, maybe it's the lighting in the picture though - maybe a soft tan/beige color?

the girl in the red shoes said...

LOVE the duvet! My dog always tries to sneak into pictures too...but I love it! I'm not sure about the wall color...but maybe light tan or even a light blue?

Chris said...

Molly sure is cute! Monkey does the same thing any time we wash the sheets.

Rachel said...

Love it! I almost bought that one!!!!

Jen S said...

For the wall- go whitish gray with blue undertones. Very light. If you go tan the headboard won't pop as much. I also think the lamp base is fine. You can snazz it up and save money by just buying a new shade.

S. Yissele said...

I like your blog & dog!!! I'm following!!! I hope your visit! Happy Day!


F&C said...

Paint Lightest beige might be a consideration ... to match your side tables.
Dark brown pillows and some small pillows in beige and some yellow/gold to match side tables and the head bd. All colors are in your Duvet I think.

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