Monday, August 12, 2013

Cookie Cake!

Sorry things haven't been too post worthy around here lately.  David's studying for his engineering exam and we've just been playing with Max and I've been embroidering in my spare time.
We did of course celebrate my birthday with a yummy double layer cookie cake (from Sams Club).  Max doesn't usually like sweets (by choice), but he loves balloons so he gave the frosting a try.  He loved it and wouldn't stop dipping his little fingers in it. 

David brought home pretty roses as well.  He surprised me by booking a night in Dahlonega for us for a combo anniversary/birthday gift. Looking forward to that!
I think I was trying to demonstrate how I wanted to eat the cake, but it looks like I'm about to eat my burning candles. Please also note the pokes in all the balloons.
I had a hard time with one of the candles, and no they weren't trick candles. Mom is showing me how to do it from afar. I guess 30 hinders your youth ability to blow out candles. Pin It


Chris said...

Yum, I haven't had cookie cake in forever. I just never think about that, but I think I need to. Craving some right now!

Mock family said...

haha look at mom trying to help :) my single layer cookie cake is the best I've ever had, hope you enjoyed!

Marla said...

Mmmm cookie cake looks yummy!! Looking forward to hear about your trip to Dahlonega and what there is to do there :)

Sara McCarty said...

Double layer cookie cake?! Shut up. I want one! Happy birthday again, pretty lady!

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