Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happy 30th Birthday Twinnie!!

Today 30 years ago I was born first via c-section. I was born a little shorter, a little smaller, but a little older and wiser :)
 Happy 30th birthday to my twin sister, Michelle!
I'm glad she was able to celebrate with us this past weekend. We took a few photos with us and the kids to document.
Love our precious babies who I guess were looking at Uncle James in the background.
Thanks to our mom for having us! Happy Birthday! I don't feel a day over 22 so I guess 30 isn't so bad. My brother is always going to be older :)
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Chris said...

Older, wiser and for myself, wanted to add in way better looking. ;) Happy Bday!

Mock family said...

Wiser... Ok you guys sure thing! Happy bday sis miss ya guys

Jen S said...

Happy birthday! Glad you got to celebrate with Michelle last week.

Dan and Kacy said...

Hope you both had a wonderful birthday! I love the photos - they are beautiful! :)

Sara McCarty said...

Happy birthday to you both!! You guys are so adorable! Happy 30!!!

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