Friday, February 21, 2014

Max is 2! Official Stats and Info

My big boy is now 2!
This picture was taken just after a recent haircut.
Weight: 23 lbs 4 oz (4%)
Height: 33 1/2" (26%)
HC: 18 1/2 (11%)
Teeth: We think 16.
New Developments- He is a little talking machine. We tried to write down every word he said in a 1 day span and we were well over 50 after 2 hours. There really isn't any word he doesn't know. He is getting better at 2 word/mini sentences. His memory is also very sharp. I mentioned that he had Elmo on his diaper and he said Elmo... Cry. I then remembered we went to Everland play where Elmo came out and he was scared and cried a little because he didn't want to see real life Elmo. He then liked him and says bye bye because he had to say bye to Elmo.  He also stays busy with his mini tools, trucks and loves any balls and balloons he can get his hands on.
These are a few pics from our snow days a few weeks ago.
He still loves playing with the neighborhood kids any chance he gets (and of course daddy).
He finally is starting to like his preschool. Yesterday he started singing ring around the rosie. We have sang that to him maybe once or twice and he started dancing and does all fall down! I asked him if he learned that at school and he shouts YESS! He also started doing his fingers for itsy bitsy spider. He paints and plays with the other kids. Next year he will be doing the 3 day a week class from 9:30-1:30 at the same church/school.
Food- He is definitely a more picky eater than he was at 1 year and even 18 months. He will eat almost any kind of fruit all day if you let him. He loves his waffles in the morning (I started that because I have to eat as soon as I get up because baby girl is starving in there I guess). He'll then eat cereal and fruit in the mornings. For lunch we usually do a sandwich, with cheese stick and grapes. It's hard finding vegetables that he likes. He will not even touch frozen microwaveable vegetables (unless they are peas). We found out that fresh green beans cooked are on the go list and also softened cooked carrots. He doesn't like zucchini or potatoes. He says either Me no like or like it, NO. Dinner we really just serve what we are having, but I make sure at least one part of the meal either it be the meat, noodles or peas/beans that he likes is a part of it. I am not one to make a whole separate meal to cater. I have also started our smoothies back at night (just too rushed in the mornings now). We sometimes do get in the bad habit of letting him watch a show while eating because it distracts him and he just eats or we can shovel it in. I wouldn't be as concerned if he didn't have a hard time gaining weight.
Sleep- He is a great napper! Man, do you remember those days of hardly any sleeping and napping. It all seems so distant, I guess we will soon find out what that's all about again here in a few months. He naps for at least 2 hours every day, sometimes regularly 3 unless it's school days because he gets home so late. We are still bathing (every other day) around 7:30/7:45pm and going up to read books at 8:15 and bed by 8:30pm. I know a lot of people put their kids to bed in the 7pm hour but that's just not feasible with me getting home from work at 5:30/6pm. Summer is also coming and he stays up a little later because it's so nice and bright out. He will usually sleep soundly until 7:15am when I get him up. Occasionally he will cry in the middle of the night, but it's usually related to being sick or he had a bad day at school so his sleep throughout the day was off, too.

Upcoming goals before baby is here in 4 months: Move Max into a big boy bed (little sissy is taking over the white crib/furniture/glider), take away the pluggy (pacci), and potty train little mister. He is definitely about ready for the potty training, but due to his school I don't want them to have to deal with accidents or keeping up with that so we are probably waiting till beg. of May to start that. I am so nervous about the pacci. He just loves going in his crib because of it and it occupies him to just lay there or I think he would just scream or try to get out. I told him that the little babies need to have it and he needs to pass it on and he just shouts NO, mine!
Flash back picture to when he was a year! Still just as cute.
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Anonymous said...

It's like you read my thoughts concerning the pacci battle! My little guy turns 2 in March, and we're in the exact same battle as you are. He only uses it at night time; however, he will not give it up. I dread the battle and how much sleep are we all going to have sacrifice for the pacci?! :\

Jen S said...

Such a cutie! Growing up so fast.

Chris said...

Looks like he was having such a good time! He was funny today on Facetime too.

Mock family said...

What a cutie! I love his sayings :)

Christy said...

What a grown up little boy!! It's amazing how quickly they change. My advice with the paci, is to go cold turkey. We just took it away from Mikayla one night and she never asked for it. It just wasn't in her crib when she went to bed and it hasn't been an issue since. Good luck! Do it on a weekend, when you don't have to worry about work in the morning.

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