Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Opinion of Stitch Fix

Have you guys heard of Stitch Fix yet? If you're around the online blog world I am sure you have. If not, let me explain. This site let's you fill out a preference survey on your style (which is super fun and free to fill out) and they will have a stylist pick out 5 items to send to you. I am not the best shopper as I don't have much time and I never know what goes together. I also hate spending a ton of money because I can think of other things I'd rather buy. For Christmas this year David decided to get me this as a gift. The only upfront cost is $20 for them to pick out your fix. If you decide to buy something then that $20 goes towards your purchase. There is no shipping cost and they send you a bag/label to send what you don't like back. If you decide to purchase all of it then you get a 25% discount. You can specify a price range you are looking for, but know that these are very high quality items so the average price (even for me who picked the lowest range possible) was around $50-60 per item.  So I asked for mostly shirts/blouses/layering items as I am pregnant and wasn't sure I wanted other things that I wouldn't fit in soon. Let's see what my stylist picked out. Let me just say that I was VERY surprised that I loved everything.
First up is this adorable navy striped tank top that has wide straps (hello no bra straps showing) and the cutest little pocket.
It has a little spandex in the material so it's super soft.  The sides also come up to add a little bit. This was on the no makeup day so just imagine me all done up. Am I keeping it... YES!
2nd up was this gray cardigan/coverup. The material is just so wonderful on this as well. It feels so soft, so warm and I know it can go with anything. I am always looking for a good coverup. Am I keeping it... YES!
3rd up with this cobalt blue blouse top. At first I thought it looked a little boxy.
But after walking in it and looking at this photo I knew I had to have it! I like the neckline and the shoulder/arm sleeve details. Am I keeping it.... YES!
4th up was this black blouse shirt that was 3 quarter length and the same type of material as the blue one above. It was a little longer (which I liked) than the blue one and I know it could go with a lot of outfits. Am I keeping it... no! I wish I could have. I just didn't want to add another $50 to my purchase this time so I had to eliminate it.
Ok don't laugh at me on this one. Last up were these deep red pants! I really did like them in the box. They were very thick and durable. They were the smallest size you could get, but as you can see they still didn't fit me, pregnant and all. I was a little bummed because I might have purchased them all for that 25% discount, but there was no way now.
Backside view... baggy central. But they are really cute pants. Am I keeping... no! I really had the best time with this. You get to do a post-survey based on what your stylist sent. You can say what you didn't like and why and request other things for your next fix. They also send you a style sheet with ideas on how to wear the pieces with things you already have. Well, I didn't have nearly anything they suggested, but I like them on their own with a little jewelery and viola! I would definitely do it again. If you are interested, use my referral link here so I can get money off my next stitch fix! Let me know if you have any other questions. Pin It


Mock family said...

Pretty good for a first box! Does this come monthly?
still seems a tad bit pricey but hopefully they last a long time! looking fashion forward!

Andrea said...

I've heard about this! I'm glad to read you like it. I love the nautical striped blouse. Do you know if there is a fee if you cancel?

leah said...

I've never even heard of this!! Love the clothes you got and I agree with all your decisions!

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