Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2nd Annual Holiday Cookie Party

Happy New Year! Since I am a few weeks behind on blogging I wanted to finish up a post on the holidays before getting into New Year items. Coming up will be goals revisited and finally the basement reveal! Between colds, pink eye (kids and mom), ear infections, coughs etc... we've been fighting off everything under the sun. We are ready to get back in the swing of things.
We had our 2nd annual cookie exchange a few weeks into December. It really pushes us to get our decorations up and get into the holiday spirit.
My sister made a yummy punch for all to enjoy.
She also made Grinch Santa hat fruit. We had yummy appetizers to go along with all of our cookies.
We had 13 entries this year. I should have taken close up ones but I didn't.
Everyone always does such cute packaging. I printed recipes this time so people could take some home. My mom made these yummy chocolate thumbprint cookies which I loved and hope she makes again. My recipe (that mom made) was raspberry thumbprints (I wouldn't make again) and my sister did yummy cow plops from our friend Jen!
Colette got to come to the party and everyone loved seeing her.
My sister was also glad to come to the party this year.
More guests.
I had prizes in 5 categories. We had a dual category winner with her chocolate cherry cordials, yay Natalie! Awards were also given for most festive, creative and best tasting.

Michelle changed to her comfy clothes before we got a family picture so we made her take one anyway! Pin It


Mock family said...

haha looking good in my outfit last shot. great party and great photos! linking up my blog to show this post #melazy

Linda said...

Beautiful decorations and everyone's cookies are packaged so cute! Will you share the winning recipes?

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