Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014

This was really the first Christmas that Max understood what was going on. We were excited that he knew about Santa and would try to count the days till Christmas.

Little Coco bean was just content watching everyone else. She of course wanted to eat all the wrapping paper, but let Max open her gifts for her.
We loved having Hadley there to watch her open gifts.
In Max's stocking was a sword which he loved. Of course Hadley had to defend herself so she got one too!
He then proceeded to open his gifts with the sword. Resourceful I guess.
David and I got these awesome construction vehicles for Max. There is 3 of them I think and we actually got them at a garage sale this summer. I'm surprised we kept them hidden this long, but he loved them.
I thought it was time for Hadley to get an oversized head wrap bow and necklace. Doesn't she look darling! Somethings got to control that hair!
It never fails that the kids love the boxes!
Santa brought Max a few nerf shoot guns which he asked for.
Miss. Hadley got dress up clothes and a dress up station for Christmas.
She wanted to wear them all at once!
There was 1 present left under the tree that Max spotted!
It's a BOW AND ARROW! Love his face. Max must have been a good boy this year as Santa brought him the other item he asked for. Mom and Dad are regretting Santa's choices, but he's only young once right?
Colette got in on the action and was tearing up some gifts! She got some great chew toys (ok, I guess I should say teething toys) and some much needed PJ's/outfits. She is growing like a weed!
Here is Max practicing with his bow and arrows. He actually only likes to watch us do it right now so we're good with that. We've had fun playing.
All us kids got mom a fit bit charge which she is really enjoying tracking her movements.
Love my little Colette.
Had to get the annual Christmas shot with Gigi!
So adorable!
Hadley's being silly, but there is just so much love for their baby sister/cousin here. I can't stand it!

Later that evening my cousin's came over for a yummy feast of fried turkey, honey baked ham and all the sides!
Love Colette's face in this one. No one was behind the camera so not sure who she was getting all excited for.
The next day we had Christmas with David's side of the family.
Colette is like, are you serious Dad? Do I really belong to this family? 
This is David's siblings and his parents. 
Here are all the grand kids and great grand kids minus 5 who couldn't be there. So that makes 13! Colette was sleeping on my in the baby carrier at the time. Max wouldn't go in the photo without Daddy.
We hope everyone had a great Christmas. I'll leave you with one last photo of Miss Colette. We were having a little baby food when she got a present to open. What a sweet girl. My brother and Marla come in today for a visit so we are all excited to see them! Looking forward to ringing in the new year. Happy New Year everyone!
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Dan and Kacy said...

Looks like you had a very merry Christmas! :) Love all the photos!

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