Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Max's Birth Story- Part 2

Yesterday I shared with you Max's birth story part 1. I was at 2 cm with the contractions hurting pretty good. I had said that I wanted to experience some labor and I def. got my wish. I decided that at that point in time I wanted to take that statement back. I was not loving the pain. If I was about to get cut open, then I'd rather not experience both. The nurses said that one option would be to hold off until the morning hours if I wasn't dilating and progressing with labor. The 2nd option would be to just get the epidural and proceed with the c-section. Dr. Parker was on call (she was the same doctor that did our version). and she said well, let's just do this now. So the epidural was administered. It was pretty painful, not horrible, but not pain free. I felt that I could still feel a lot so the anesthesiologist upped the dosage I think. We were in the operating room about 10 mins later ready to begin.

David scrubbed up and waited while they got me all prepped. Gary, the anesthesiologist was awesome through the whole thing, explaining what was happening. He even said "well, they have already cut you open" I was so glad he waited to tell me that until it was done instead of saying, okay they're going to cut you open now. I felt nothing. I started to feel pressure/tugging and pulling as he said I would, but on a scale of 1-10 i'd prob. say it was a 1. David did explain some of what was going on, but he was really into what was going on at the other side of the curtain. I kept reminding him to get ready with the camera and take off the lens cap. After about 10 mins,  the baby was ready to come out. I could hear them saying, "there's his bottom." This all happened so fast that we weren't sure when the baby was going to be born (the 9th or 10th).
Yep, that's my stomach, sorry if you're squeamish. 

 Well at 11:59pm, Max entered the world crying very loudly. I am so glad that he was making noise as I couldn't see anything. This made me feel good and I could hear them checking him out and cleaning him off. They then brought him over for about 5 mins so I could be close to him and we took some photos and he headed off to be weighed and get a bath.

 They finished up in about 10 mins with putting me back together and we headed to the recovery area to meet David and Max. We stayed there about an hour or 2 as I was very numb and couldn't feel my toes or legs for about 3-4 hours.  The nurse was giving him a bath right next to me so I could see. David thought he looked pretty big and was def. in the 7's. The anesthesiologist agreed and thought it was upper 7s, but he was just a tiny 7lb 1 oz. They then asked if i'd like to breast feed and I gave it a shot. He latched on pretty well with help from the nurses.

We finally went to the room around 2 something where my mom met us and she could meet her grand son. Mom spent the night with us and most of the next day. It was nice to get situated during the night without too many visitors. I just couldn't believe that he wanted to come early. I am SO glad my water did not break when we were out and about all day. That was a close one. I am also thankful that I took a shower and was basically ready. I guess mom and David should have listened to me when I said we didn't have time to do the shirts... Pin It


Rachel said...

wow! I'm kind of glad you posted the pictures- i have never seen what a C-section looks like before, usually they just show the curtain covering it so that was really interesting to see! Congratulations agaiN!

Chris said...

Coolio, it was almost as if I got my live webcam idea after all! Nice job, yay for team Max!

leah said...

I still can't believe he came a week early either! Loved reading the story, and am thankful that your mom was already in town and you had everything ready! He is absolutely perfect!!

asj said...

he seriously is perfect! absolutely adorable - I hope you're having a speedy recovery and feeling alright!

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