Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Max's Birth Story- Part I

Well Thursday started out like any other day. I was excited since my mom was here and we were just going to finish up loose ends and relax. We went and got pedicures, out to lunch and shopped around for last minute items. We then went to dinner with David's parents at our favorite local italian restaurant (I had the chicken parmesan). After dinner we went to walmart to get some snacks and David and mom decided they wanted to make iron on t-shirts that said Max's Dad and Max's Mima.
Some final photos of the belly at 39 weeks
I proceeded to tell them that we were really running out of time and we should just get home and make sure we have everything ready. They said it would only take a few mins and not to worry. We came home and I took a shower and came down stairs to watch some tv and eat a snack. David finished his shirt and Mom was upstairs about to start on hers. David was in the kitchen having some cookies and milk and I was on the couch by myself.
bare belly at 39 weeks
All of the sudden around 8:30pm I felt this medium sized gush that felt like I had popped a ballon and water was flowing out. It felt warm, like I had peed myself. Sorry if this is TMI. I sat there for a second and then said "umm guys.... I think my water just broke" David looked over from the kitchen and was like are you serious. I really was unsure, but that was a lot of fluid. My mom came down stairs and helped me up and I asked if I could use the bathroom. She said sure, but I was just panicky because I didn't know how much time I had and I know that with having a c-section they really didn't want you to go into labor because it would be treated as more of an emergency c-section. Every time I moved, stood up or did anything more water would come out. Not a trickle or a small leak, a GOOD bit of fluid. I really didn't know how to function with all that water coming out. I went upstairs to change and David was gathering our bags which we were repacking. I was just so glad I had taken a shower and was as ready as I could have been. My mom finally reminded us to call the doctor. The midwife called back and asked a few questions and then said well, come on in. I really contemplated wearing no pants and just a towel because it was coming out so much. I had no idea that was going to happen. We got in the car and got to the hospital in record time. They checked us in right away and we headed to a pre-op room. 
Filling out tons of paperwork

The nurses were super nice and weren't sure since I had just eaten (I was suppose to fast after midnight) if they would just monitor me and wait until the morning to have the c-section as scheduled or do it right away. My contractions started in the car. They just felt like pretty bad period cramps. They were lasting about 30 seconds and were sporadic. The doctor instructed the nurse and wanted her to check how far dilated I was. I was at a 2 which was fine, they just didn't want me to be progressing super fast. At that point, I was taking back saying that I wanted to experience real labor as I felt jipped getting the c-seciton, but if I was going to have the c-section I was over the contractions already.
Here is a really attractive photo of me having some contractions.
 They proceeded to do an ultrasound to make sure the baby was still breech (the poor ultrasound lady had no idea my baby was breech. She was trying to be so nice and careful by telling me politely that unfortunately my baby was not in the correct position.
I scolded david on cracking so many jokes and told him to knock it off. When he is nervous he tells way more jokes than usual. Mom was with us the majority of the time, I just don't have any photos of her. Doctor Parker (the same doctor that tried to do the external version) was on call and came in to tell me what the plan was... Stay tuned for part 2. 
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asj said...

oh man, DJ makes jokes when he's nervous and ALL the time and I feel like I'm likely to strangle him when I'm in labor...

Chris said...

Great play by play. It's good that David has a sense of humor in stressful situations, better than both of you panicking at the same time. :o)

leah said...

loved reading this! I still can't believe your water broke!!

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