Thursday, January 14, 2010

Atlanta Weddings Event

Yesterday I went with Amber to the Atlanta Weddings Magazine Bridal Event at the Georgian Terrace Hotel. It was right across from the fox theatre. Amber and I had fun adventures trying to navigate our way to the event. The parking garage may have been the most confusing part of all. We are definitely suburb gals that love our open, free parking lots away from the tight space spots of city parking. 

I got free tickets to the event because David and I were in the Spring/Summer issue of the Atlanta Weddings Magazine! Don't get too excited though, it was just a small picture towards the end of the magazine. It was pretty cool to see it in there though. Our wonderful photographer, Pam had also placed an ad in that issue and used a photo of us. So we are in it twice! Here are the photos from the magazine. 

We got to see Pam in one of the ballrooms. She had a great display set up with tons of books with photos and a digital photo frame. She brought a photo album she made from our wedding and it was right by the sign-up form. So of course I got excited and took a photo of my photos. Check out her awesome photography on her blog here.

The event was extravagant and well decorated. I think a lot of the vendors catered to the high-end budgeted bride. We got orange bags with a few goodies in them as our parting gift. All-in-all, it was a fun event. It makes me miss wedding planning a little, but glad I can help Amber out in planning hers. I think she might even book Pam as her photographer!!

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Lacey said...

It looks like a lot of fun!! And it's exciting you were famous being featured in the magazine and at Pam's booth!

leah said...

Wow so fancy!! I could do without the company on the last picture, but at least you got some free stuff in their bag :) haha

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