Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Speaking of snow...

This past Thursday we got a dusting of snow in Georgia. Of course that doesn't seem like anything, but with our temperatures never getting above freezing, it all turned to ice. Our office on Friday delayed opening until 10am. It wasn't bad on interstates, but side streets and neighborhoods were pretty icy.

Speaking of snow, when I went to Texas for Christmas we got a surprise in the white and fluffy kind of way. The wind was blowing and causing a full on snowy blizzard! We tried to have fun and play in it, but didn't have the right boots or gloves to play. This is a picture of Michelle's new and pretty house they built out there.

Poor little Maddie didn't like it outside at all.

It was a gals trip this go around and we had fun doing some pre-Christmas shopping, making cookies, cooking and having friends over.


Even Bella and Maddie had a great time at Christmas!
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leah said...

Looks like such a great trip! Love your sisters house and those cookies look amazing. I think the best picture though is of Maddie with her "cigar" sticking out of her mouth.

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