Monday, May 3, 2010

Date Night- Via and Mary Poppins at the Fox

I always love saturday drives into Atlanta. No traffic, great views and trendy restaurants. I really would enjoy living in a cool condo down there, but its just so expensive. We could maybe get a small 1 bedroom condo. That just doesn't compare to our 3 bedroom/2.5 bath 2-story house with a fenced in yard we have now.
I purchased a groupon for $10 for $30 worth of food and drinks at a place called Via in Buckhead. As we were trying to find where it was I noticed that the famous Atlanta Fish Market was right across the street. Look at that big fish!
The restaurant is more of a bar/lounge type a place. There is a small upstairs I think, but we got sat close to the door (which I hate and should have asked to be moved, but oh well). 
The bar area looked really cool.
They had great decor- notice the curvy structure surrounding the bar.
The food was more of a small plate (tapas) kind of place. I really like that though, you can try a bunch of different things and share. We usually do one thing we eat separate and then a few things to share. David got the Caprese salad. It had great presentation and tasted yummy.
I ordered the chicken Parmesan and it was so crispy and HUGE. It was $8 and considered the small plate.
We shared a spinach ravioli. The prices were between $6-8 for the small plates. You can see me ready to dig in to all the great food. They had blue suede material for the seats for dining and lounging around. We also enjoyed a margarita and a beer.
The food doesn't stop there! We got a margarita pizza to split and it was so yummy. The basil on top was so tasty and I can't wait to make it this summer once my basil grows in the garden.
All the food and drinks came to around $40 so with the tip and groupon that I bought already it was only $20 for all that food and drinks out of pocket. We could have made it cheaper, but I was starving!
Since we had a photo of me eating, this is how David looks when he waits in traffic. Watch out ladies, he's taken :) We had a little spare time so we grabbed a drink at the Grape in Atlantic Station. I've always wanted to go there. We stayed there for like 20 mins and off we went to the Fox Theater.
We got these tickets from a friend that couldn't use them. The seats were great! They were off to the side, but right on the aisle. I could see everything, with no heads in the way! I am short so I was super excited!! You aren't allowed to take pictures in there so that's why it looks like it was taken from my lap (because it was).
This picture is of the ceiling, they had stars twinkling that you can't really see, but the structure is really neat in there. David was impressed by all the sets and how things just opened and folded up like a pop-up book. Mary Poppins flew around the theater with her umbrella at the end. It was a very good show and so glad we got to go. What a fun date night we had!
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Jen S said...

That pizza looks amazing! We don't have good pizza here in CO. If you have a good recipe for dough, please post it!

Jen said...

We usually use the dough that came in the kitchenaid mixer booklet. This is the same one. It's basic, but tastes really good. Make sure you get dough that is for pizza (we get the gigantic bags at Sams that say for pizza and breads and not cakes and baked goods, but we do use the same dough for our baked goods and don't notice a taste difference).

David said...

That was a good time.

Lacey said...

That looked like such a fun date night!!! The restaurant looked so cool, I want to check it out! I'm glad you got to go see Mary Poppins and the show was good! What a fun night!

leah said...

What a fun night! I'm so jealous you got to go see a Broadway show!!

DudeMan135 said...

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