Thursday, May 6, 2010

Top Three Thursday- Outdoor Activities

This week's top three is on favorite outdoor activities. Mine are not as exciting as David's will be.

1. Laying out getting some Vitamin D
2. Gardening and watching my Square Foot Garden
3. Grilling and Eating & Going for Walks (mini-hikes maybe)
This pretty much sums it up for me!
Here is David's Top Three Outdoor Activities:
1. Camping
    2. Paintballing
         3. Snowboarding

What are your top three outdoor activities? 
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leah said...

ummm I think David should come hang out with us more :) His #1, and #3 are exactly ours as well!

Yours sound fun too Jen, love all those!

David said...

No, I think you guys should join me for my number 2.

leah said...

haha Kyle definitely will.... me not so much I'll just join Jen at the pool :)

DudeMan135 said...

1. Chilling at the beach!
2. Exploring new parks here in FL
3. Snorkeling

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