Monday, May 24, 2010

Lake Day!

It is officially pool and lake season in Georgia! Our pool in the neighborhood opened this weekend and is in full swing. Amber invited us on her boat on Saturday and it was looking a litty iffy on the cloud situation. The weather kept saying it was going to clear up, but it was so cloudy and foggy all the way up until we went out.
 Miraculously though, as soon as we got to the cove the clouds cleared and the sun came out! It worked out great since it wasn't as crowded. We went to Lake Lanier, which is the closet lake we have by our houses.

Audrina loves the water and her rafts. She likes to jump in and out of the rafts all day long. She can't make up her mind if she wants to stay in or out though!  I can't tell if David's eyes are open, we'll just pretend the sun was in his eyes.
I'm so glad that Leah and Kyle were able to join us for the lake! They live a bit further away so it is hard to make the journey to hang out on weekends. We had a lot of fun together and Kyle is a skilled boat driver!
For our entertainment we had some back flipping off the side of the boat. Here are some action shots of the boys doing back flips. I am perfectly content in my raft enjoying the sun while they show off. Amber showed the guys up with her perfect back flips, but she was too fast to even catch it on camera. 
The back flips weren't our only entertainment for the day. We had this lovely lady dancing on their gigantic boat with a hula hoop!! She was not just skilled keeping the hula hoop up she was doing it while dancing to about 5 songs in a row without stopping. The music from their boat was so loud because of all their speakers that no one else in the whole cove had to turn any on.
Here is a group shot minus our camera guy of us enjoying the sun. The water was quite cold at a nice 68 degrees.
Here is a shot of Leah and Me on our way back in for the day.
We also took a girl shot as we were waiting for David to back the trailer down to load back up. Audrina was napping in the cuddy cabin on the way home. We had so much fun! Thanks again Amber!
When we got back to Amber's house David scrubbed and cleaned the boat down for us. Audrina was helping and loved the water and wanted to go back on the boat as soon as we got back home. It was a great way to spend a Saturday. Pin It


leah said...

Thank you again for letting us come. Such a treat to hang out on the weekends with you!

Lacey said...

It looks like you all had so much fun!!! I wish I could've joined you! I love the flipping pictures and you all floating in the lake!! :)

Mock family said...

that is fantastic, nice recap, I felt like I was there with y'all!!

Ginny said...

I want to go too! Do I sound like a kid - speaking of kids....I loved the pick of you, David and Audrina. There is no way you could be mistaken for her parents.Can't wait until next month when I finally see some water around Atl.

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