Friday, May 28, 2010

Grilled Lemon Tilapia with Asparagus

I thought I'd post this recipe before the memorial weekend holiday. If you are doing some grilling and like fish, then you will love this recipe. It has a great flavor to it with the lemons. Here is what you need:

5 lemons, divided into 4 slices per lemon
1/2 cup  KRAFT Sun-Dried Tomato Dressing or any you can find, my store never carries it in Kraft
4 firm-textured fish fillets (we only did 2 for us) (1 lb.), such as cod, tilapia (I used this) or salmon
1 lb.  asparagus, trimmed

SQUEEZE juice from 1 lemon; mix with dressing. Pour half the dressing mixture over fish in shallow glass dish; turn fish over to coat both sides of each fillet. Refrigerate 15 min. to marinate. Refrigerate remaining dressing mixture for later use.
MEANWHILE, heat grill to medium heat. Cut each of the remaining lemons into 4 slices. Remove fish from marinade; discard marinade. Place 8 lemon slices on grill grate or enough to hold each fish;
Top your lemon slices with fish. Brush with some of the remaining dressing mixture. Cover grill with lid.
GRILL fish 5 min.; turn over onto the same lemon slices again
Add remaining lemon slices and asparagus to grill. We put them on foil so they wouldn't fall through and brushed with some extra dressing. Grill 5 min. or until fish flakes easily with fork and asparagus is crisp-tender, brushing occasionally with the remaining dressing mixture. Remove fish, lemon slices and asparagus from grill. Discard lemon slices under fish. Serve remaining lemon slices with fish and asparagus.
We just had a big sale on cucumbers so I made a cucumber salad. It was just sliced up peeled cucumber and added some Italian dressing.
Hope everyone has a great, relaxing Memorial Weekend! What are your plans for the weekend?
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Ginny said...

Thanks for the actual receipe - I have been making it up since you told me. Haven't tried to cook on the grill yet. Sounds so much better than I make and mine is yummy!

Tiffany @ Eat at Home said...

That looks so delicious. I've wanted to put fish directly on the grill, but I'm always afraid it will just fall through. What a great idea to grill it on top of the lemon.

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