Wednesday, March 31, 2010

David's Paintball Weekend

This past weekend David went to camp with the guys and play paintball. They try to go once a month in the warm spring/summer months. It's a great way for them to catch up and do "guy" stuff. Although I don't have pictures from this past weekend, because you know how guys and photos are, I'll show you some from previous games. Here are a couple action shots.
This next picture shows how many people come to the games. They are 24-hour games that start Saturday at noon and last until Sunday at noon. You don't play the entire time, but you can play at night if you have the right equipment. There is even little kids there as you can see. This game was up in Tennessee.

Here is a group shot that was taken a few years back when they started playing. Even Molly got to make it to a game! She was the team mascot. She is too mischievous now and wanders away so she's not allowed to go anymore. I'm glad he has such great friends and that they are able to take time to hang out for these weekends. I'm sure they are already planning for the next one! 
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Jen S said...

Awww Molly! I can't believe there are 24 hour paintball games. Don't tell Bob :)

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