Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Square Foot Gardening

We've been wanting to start a garden for the past couple of years. Our problem has been finding the room to have one, it has to be in full sun. When we moved in just about 3 years ago all the landscaping was pretty much done, (we're not complaining) so it's been very easy to maintain. I just love our knock-out roses that go along the side in our backyard. I can't wait to post pics when they bloom in a few months.

I started doing a little research and came across a concept of the square foot garden. You can read about it here. You build your own box (this is where David comes in), use a special soil mixture, and section off your box into 16 small squares. That means you can grow 16 different vegetables and herbs. You can have more than 1 box, but I think we will just start with one and see how it goes. This is a great way to do it since you won't get any weeds and this box can be put anywhere (on the patio or in the yard). Since spring in the south comes faster than is some places, its almost time to start planting. We will begin design and construction soon. We'll keep you posted on the progress, so stay tuned for more posts as I decide what vegetables and herbs to grow. Do you have a garden? Share with me any tips and what your favorite thing is you grow or what you would grow if you had a garden.  Here are some pics of what one will look like (random google photos).

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Jen S said...

I recommend you grow strawberries and make jam out of them, and blog about making jam! Your house will smell amazing for a couple of days. Corn on the cob would be yummy fresh. I tried growing it, but Coda always ate the stalks before they can grow too much. Good luck with Molly!

leah said...

wow! I can't wait to see yours! I love this idea of square foot gardening!!

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