Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekend Update!

This past weekend went by so fast for me. David went camping and paint-balling with his guy friends and I stayed around here. I caught up on DVR shows, went out with Amber to look at linens and wedding stuff, picked up mine and Michelle's bridesmaid dresses(which are so cute, but I can't show you till after the wedding), and did a little shopping. The deal of the week was definitely this pasta pictured below. My Kroger had the buy 8 get $4 off on these Smart Taste pastas. I had printed 16 coupons (with the use of 3 computers) for .75 each and that made all of these .025 each! That's .40 total for all of them! I even paid with coins. So fun!
I am waiting on pictures from David's weekend to post. He had a great time and even got a little sunburned. I am looking forward to getting our outdoor vegetable garden going in the upcoming weekend and my wonderful husband's birthday is on Easter this year!
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Lacey said...

WHOA Jen!! What a good deal! That's a lot of pasta!

DudeMan135 said...

For the average person/family that is probably a lot of pasta...however, I bet any one of us siblings could go through that in a week or two if we tried real hard. :)

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