Thursday, March 11, 2010

Top Three Thursday- Music

This week's top three is on music or top musical artists. I like listening to a lot of different things, but I based my choices on who I'd want to see in concert and what's in my car CD player that I am listening to. 

1.) Kellie Pickler- I went to see Taylor Swift this past September and Kellie was one of the opening acts for her. I really liked the songs she was singing so I started listening to her after that. I found out she was coming to Wild Bills (a country bar/club place out in the suburbs) that October and I bought tickets right away. I like to sit down during concerts so I had purchased tickets on the side at table number 1, seat 1 and 2. I thought I did great, but when we got there a BIG pole that holds the building up with directly in my way. I was SO disappointed and it was getting so crowded. David worked his negotiating magic for me though and got us in the VIP! I was basically on-stage on the right side. She was so close and I had the best time!! I'll share some photos from the concert.
Look how close we were!
David is the best husband ever! 
She was pointing to me, there was no one behind me or in front of me, so I'm sure about it!! Sorry the picture is bad,  I was zoomed in a lot. Okay, now that I just relived that awesome concert let's move on.

2.)Lady Antebellum- I started listening to them when they were just getting recognized last year. I just love their sound and I have a signed autograph copy of their picture in the office bookshelf thanks to Jen's Mom!! They went to hang out at her mom and dad's cottage after a concert last year!!
3.) I couldn't choose just one number three. I'll go with Carrie Underwood, Jack Johnson/Jason Mraz Pandora channel, The fray, Zach Brown Band & Mama Mia soundtrack(I know I have issues).
What are your top three? P.S. Don't stop reading my blog because of my country music choices, I can't help it, I'm in the South now!
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Lacey said...

You cheated on your #3! :) I love them- great choices!!!

Jen s said...

Did you see Lady A on Oprah last week or 2 weeks ago? O asked them if they remembered the first time they heard themselves on the radio, and they said Rochester NY and they all started crying when they heard it :) Lady A was meant to hang out in Rochester.

Jen said...

Yes, I did! I was excited we got a shout out to the ROC!

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