Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Boots at Kohls!

 I discovered that my search for boots was going to be harder than I thought. A lot of the ones I liked were out of my size, I think I'm a little late in the season for just starting to look. I decided to head to Kohls since I had a $10 off card. I also had a $100 amex giftcard so I set out and found some shoes I liked.
I purchased brown boots, black flat slip ons, 3 pair of leggings/tights and earmuffs (not pictured). My total after the $10 off was right at my gift card level. I did buy a Columbia fleece jacket that put me over, but it was worth it, I needed something warm. I also received $20 kohls cash to spend soon!
Here is a close up of my boots. I'm going skinny jean shopping later in the week so I'm almost getting with the trends. I do still want brown leather type boots, but everything I tried on was too baggy and David wasn't a big help in telling me if they looked good or not. He hates when I ask him, he always says "Call your sister". Pin It


leah said...

I love all your purchases, so cute! That's hilarious what David says!

Mock family said...

that's really funny because James says "I'm calling your sister" so very similar :) we need to time our shopping trips for when we are together! good job though

the girl in the red shoes said...

LOVE the boots!

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