Monday, November 22, 2010

No More Margaritaville

Last weekend I was cleaning up some dishes in the sink and I turned on the disposal and heard a terrible noise! Something was stuck in there. Well, it was a tiny shot glass that was now broken into huge pieces (thank goodness David was home and doesn't mind sticking his hand in there). The loud noise was our disposal breaking, after he cleaned it out it didn't work at all. This was not in the budget and I wasn't going to be happy buying a new one. So David had a good idea. Do you remember his homemade margarita machine?
It has a brand new garbage disposal inside. We made the resourceful decision of taking it out of the margarita machine and using it for the kitchen sink. I didn't want to spend $100 + right now so it was the perfect solution. Now, the Margarita machine is out of commission for the winter. If we choose to bring it back to life in the summer months then we can do so.
We discovered it was a perfect match for our sink so that must have been a good sign. Here David is with his lovely head light exploring the disposal. It was actually dark since we cut the breaker and my flash made it seem like it was light in there. Molly is a good helper isn't she. I'm so thankful David can fix anything, I would have to live in an apartment forever!
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Lacey said...

Aww no more margartia machine, but that was a good idea to replace it- I would've never remembered the disposal in there! David is so awesome at fixing stuff!

leah said...

David and his headlamp crack me up! So sad the margarita machine is out of commission, but hopefully can come back to life in the summer!

Mock family said...

molly's too cute!

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