Thursday, November 4, 2010

Skinny Jeans and Boots!

I think I'm going to be brave and purchase a few new items that I have been resistant to for no real reason. It's probably because I have no idea how to pick them out and am not very trendy. I am finally going to give in to the skinny jean! It really makes perfect sense and looks great with boots and flat shoes. I just have never worn them. I have also never worn my jeans tucked in to any boot before. Here is my inspiration
 I mean Lauren is just adorable! She has such great fashion style, you'll see her all over these pics. I don't think I can mix black with brown though.
 I don't think I'd wear fur like this, but the outfit is really cute.
 I don't love the t-shirt look, but the boots, bag and jeans are great.
 I love everything about this photo. Both of their boots and jeans are fantastic.
 Same with this photo. I also don't have a scarf like this. I need a personal fashion shopper (Michelle, that's you).
So we'll see if I'm brave this weekend. I have a gift card that I need to spend.
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leah said...

do it girl! You have the legs for it and will look SO cute!!

Mock family said...

I LOVE IT, i have done the skinny jeans.... I need more and I'm doing the boots this weekend. I'm getting brown ones like the first lauren picture but darker..... AWESOME LET'S DO THIS :)

Jennifer said...

I'm with you about mixing brown and black. I will never think it is ok! Post pics of what you end up with!

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