Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gorgeous New Bedroom Set for My Sister

I wanted to share with you my sister's fabulous new bedroom furniture. I had a Q & A session with her on the phone this morning so I will interpret it here for you. The Q is me asking the questions and the A is Michelle answering.
Q: How long have you been looking for bedroom furniture?
A: Well, we have been searching for a long time. I have always known I wanted a canopy type bed so it was just hard finding the perfect match.
Q: What made you decide to buy the furniture right now?
A: We're debt free!! This was our first cash only purchase after we have paid off all cc, cars and student loans. We also wanted to make sure to build up our emergency fund and save up for our furniture.
Q: How are the animals adjusting to the new set?
A: Bella (Cat) loves the new bed, I find her on it at all times during the day. Maddie (yorkie) still has a hard time getting up and used to it. Don't tell James this next part, but when he's out of town I tell the girls "Come on, lets get in our princess bed!" Do you notice her cute side table accents in the photo above?
Q: Where did you buy it?
A: Ashley furniture. It is a dark brown (not black) color and we couldn't be more happy with it! Pin It


leah said...

The Q&A cracks me up, and so do the nightstand pictures with the animals on them. Beautiful new set for sure!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on being debt-free Michelle & James! What an awesome accomplishment. The bedroom set is well-deserved :)

Mock family said...

Thanks :) Loveeeeeeeeeee the Q & A session- made me laugh, that's pretty much how it went. When ya coming down to see it in person??

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