Friday, November 12, 2010

I finally did something with my wedding dress!

Well as most of you know, my wedding was about a year and a half ago. I have just been storing my non-cleaned dress in my closet. I just love my dress a lot. I think with all the costs of the wedding and trying to save money, I was having a hard time spending anymore money. So I finally decided to preserve my wedding dress. I looked up a company and did some research. I ended up going with Wedding Gown Preservation Company. You can just go to their website and look up a dealer. I found a local bridal shop that does this for you so I went in there and brought my dress to them. We looked around for big stains or areas that we wanted to make sure got cleaned with special attention. She even looked over it for me a few times after I was leaving. All you do is fill out their form and they box it up and do everything else for you. It says that it takes about 6-8weeks depending on high season. You have to specify an address where there will be someone to sign for the package when it comes back. I chose to have it delivered to work since I know someone will be here. How annoying is it when you get home to find that you missed a package that had to be signed and there is no chance you're going to be there ever when they re-deliver!
Well look at what arrived yesterday! It only took 4-5 weeks and they let me know by email when they received the dress and when they were sending it back with tracking. 
 Inside the big brown box was a big white box.
And inside the big white box was my preservation box with my beautiful dress inside! I also put our veil in(it was Michelle's originally). You get 3 pieces to include for free (veil, shoes, purse, whatever).
The reason I kept my dress is because I just want to be able to show my daughter one day (and if I don't have one I'll show one of Michelle's daughters. If we both don't have one then I guess our son's wife to be). I just loved when my mom brought out her wedding dress and we tried it on. It was a nice high neck with sleeves. I could get it on, but couldn't lift my arms up. I know it will probably go out of style and I'm not wanting them to wear it, its just for show and tell. If they want to cut it up or use a few pieces from it then that's fine too. The cost was $200 with taxes and extra insurance for the more value. I give them an A+++! If you are procrastinating like I was, just make a decision and do it!
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Ginny said...

Jen - we had many laughes when you tried on my dress. Styles really have changed in 38 yrs (and I thought I was at the height of fashion). I should send a pic for you to post.

Betty said...

I need to do this same thing with my wedding dress! I've been majorly procastinating...

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