Monday, November 1, 2010

Nightmare on Jen and David Street- Halloween Party Extravaganza!

Saturday night we had our big Halloween party that I have been planning for a while now. I took a half day off work Friday to start making all the goodies. It was a lot of work, but worth it. I'd like to thank David who not only altered my costume, but helped cook, clean and decorate the whole house with me. What a trooper. I have a feeling this will be a long post so if you want to just look at the pictures that's fine by me. Let's start with the details.
Here is our outside display.
The walkway up to the door.
Here are some of the inside decorations
I even used Martha Stewart labels for spooky beverage labels
Here is the treat table. We have pumpkin cupcakes, candy necklaces, carmel apples, spider cookies and lots of candy.
 Close up of the spider cookies
Carmel apples. We dipped some in peanuts, twix and snickers.
 Pumpkin flavored cupcakes in decorative packaging.
We also had jello shots with gummy worms inside.
 The food table!
Amber brought over her beverage fountain and I filled it with a witches brew punch (OJ, sprite, vodka, champagne and sherbet)
 Our food consisted of Mummy dogs, bbq  meatballs, spinach artichoke dip, and chips and guacamole. And now the reveal of our costume!
We are the Chiquita banana girl and a banana. Even molly got a banana costume.
My costume was a one size fits all so it was so bunchy that David cut off material and sewed back on the elastic band! He's so talented.
Aren't they adorable! Here is a photo montage of everyone's costumes.
Everyone did a great job dressing up.
 Davids family showed up for a little while as they were party hopping. Trying to get a family photo was nearly impossible. His parents had already left by the time we tried to get this photo. I will demonstrate why it was so hard (this photo is the best one) to get just 1 nice photo of everyone. By the way, where's waldo?
Gina was a roller derby girl and she skated her way through our house and was showing off. She was skating backwards while taking pictures at one point in the night. 
Here we are still waiting for her to stop dancing and skating. SO funny though, I'm sure people thought we were all nuts, but thats okay they were great and I was glad they all stopped by for a while.
David also hooked me up with a microphone so I could announce the winners of the costume contest. The best male and female costumes goes to:
 Lacey and Jared for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turle and Waldo! Close seconds were Carmen Sandiego and **** in a box. I will end this post with a few shot outs and highlights.
 Thanks to Amber for providing all of our adult beverages for our punch and jello shots!
 How adorable is baby Madeline!!!
 Work Girls. Poor Leah and her "bun in the oven" costume. She could barely walk around in it! It was awesome though.
I'd also like to give a shout out to Erin, my beer pong partner. We were champions and could not be beat for 4 rounds. Everyone gave up after that.
End of the night photo. I think David and Kyle were having a little too much fun. Hope you all had a great Halloween!
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leah said...

We had such a great time, and thanks for putting up with me knocking into EVERYTHING. Your green jello shots were the best, you are so sweet for making them for me!!

Mrs. Werginz said...

It looks like y'all had a great time!! Will you post the specifics for that witch's punch? I am going to make some on Thanksgiving and re-name it Harvest punch or sounds delicious!!

Bloggin in PA said...

Ohmygoodness your party looks so fun & your decorations are amazing!! I love the mummy dogs! Those are so cute & what a good idea! :-)

Lacey said...

Thanks for hosting such an awesome party!!! Your decorations were amazing! And your food and drinks were so good!! I LOVED you and David's costume!!

Mock family said...

WAY TO REPRESENT BEER PONG CHAMP woot woot!!!!!! haha did that jared kid really just walk around to be in the picture, b/c it seems like that! top notch party guys, James is down for being banana if we ever get invited anywhere I'm going to need those costumes! thanks in advance :)

Ginny said...

Amazing looking Halloween Party - put me on the list for next year. The food, drinks and decorations be long on the food channel. Great costumes were worn by all!

Betty said...

Wow! Your party looks like a great success! Love all of the costumes and decorations!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Wow! What an awesome party! I love all the food and your costumes!

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