Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Girls Day!

Yesterday I took off of work to hang out with my sister. We had fun doing things that girls do best. We went to get pedicures, went to lunch and ended with a girly movie at the theater.
Here is a pic of my toes with cute shoes that Michelle let me wear today. Did I mention, she also brought clothes so I can wear new outfits to work. She has some cute things!
The movie was really funny, definitely not boy friendly. We enjoyed watching and laughing though. Sitting behind us were 8 older women (60's) who were having a girls outing as well. They made the most hilarious comments for the movie. They would say things like "mmhmmm Haven't we all been there!" After the movie, they were walking out trying to figure out which character each of them were.
We ended the day with a fun trip to the lake to let our zoo animal doggies out for a swim. Maddie was hesitant and played from the shore most them time, but good times were had by all. Molly and Lola both grabbed a hold of the big log and tried to swim it back. Everything is a competition for them.
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leah said...

looks like a really fun girls day! Lacey and I were so jealous yesterday when we were at work and you were watching movies!!

Jen S said...

Where did you get those shoes?! LOVE THEM!

Jen said...

They are Oka b's You can get some at I have a bunch of their flip flops. You can wash them on the top shelf of your dishwasher. They are the best things on the planet.

Jen S said...

Dishwasher shoes?! I'm sold. I'm checking out the site now :)

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