Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Molly Loves to Swim!

Since it was 100 degrees this past weekend we decided to take Molly to lake Lanier to take a dip. She loves to swim and just runs right in the water. She looks like a little seal with big ears when she is swimming. She is still in the rehab (self guided by us) phase from her surgery in April. The swimming is definitely helping her use it more, we also take her on walks every night. At home, she still is gentle with it and holds it up like she has 3 legs.
We go to this one spot where you can bring dogs, but it was so crowded with people that we just found a little nook where she could walk in and run around. She chases after pine cones and sticks that we throw. She usually drops it half way and we have to find new items to throw each time. It looks a little muddy because its right off shore and there was a lot of dirt. The water is getting pretty warm though so that's exciting! Hopefully we'll get out on the lake a little more this summer. Here is a video of Molly in Action.

After we packed up and dried her off, we headed home. The poor dear was so tired she just curled right up in a little ball. The leg she has up is her surgery leg. You can kind of see a little scar on the top going down. She is so cute! We just love her.
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leah said...

So cute. Hate that she still holds her leg up poor thing... glad she's using it more though!

Lacey said...

awww Molly is adorable!! I love your pictures of her at the lake! too cute!

DudeMan135 said...

MOLLY! Good girl...But gotta call you out on the use of the term 'poor dear' and both you and Shell using the word 'darling' on Facebook...what is the deal? We transport back in time? I think you need to cut back on the calls to gma...intervention time! ;)

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