Thursday, June 17, 2010

Top Three Thursday-Places to Shop

This week's top three is on places to shop! I am not a huge shopper, I guess I could/would be if I had all the money in the world.
 1.Target- You can get everything there. If I could pick only one place, this would be it. I like their clothes, shoes, decorations, basically everything. 
2. Ann Taylor Loft/The Limited- I used to shop at the Limited all the time, but the quality of the clothes aren't as long lasting as I'd like. They don't wash that well, so I only occasionally go there now. I have switched to liking Ann Taylor Loft (and their outlet).
3. Coach Factory Outlet- I really should put Kroger here since I go at least once a week and spend about $300 a month there. That was boring so I chose Coach Outlet.  It is so fun in there and I love trying to go to find deals. In my opinion you should never pay full price for a coach purse. I only go probably twice a year, or I'd be in trouble. This sounds like I have a million purses, but I only have 1 and 1 wallet (that's self control). I have been to look for deals for my sister/family though.

What are your top 3 places to shop? Pin It


DudeMan135 said...
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DudeMan135 said...

3) What ever place has the best prices and good ;)

I hardly ever shop in the stores, I guess maybe I could put Kohl's on there, but 90% of my shopping is online.

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