Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Margarita Machine

Last year for our rehearsal dinner we had a backyard mexican fiesta. We ordered Moe's and put up canopys in the backyard. We wanted to rent a margarita machine, but didn't want to spend the $500 rental fee plus the ingredients. So I'm sure you know by now that David is handy and can build anything he imagines. His idea was to make a margarita machine.
Although it looks like its snowing, it had just started to rain as he was cleaning it out. We used it this weekend for a Memorial Pool Party BBQ. It was a huge hit and made enough margaritas in one batch to quench 20-30 people's thirst with plenty of refills.
Its all wet now, but you can see the details of what it looks like. The main top part is a 5 gallon water/ Gatorade cooler you see sports teams use. You add all your liquid ingredients in plus your ice.You're probably thinking, OK so now I have all my liquid in there how do I get a frozen margarita out. Well you use a garbage disposal. You're probably grossed out thinking about your kitchen disposal, but it is brand new and never used. I hope I'm getting all the details right, I'm sure David will correct me once he reads this post. He wanted a rustic barrel look so he added the wood and the handles.
It even has a switch to turn it on and a spout for easy operation. The total cost of making this was around $150. The most expensive part is the disposal. To make 2 batches (about 5 gallons- you only do about 2.5 gallons each batch) it costs about $35 in ingredients (depending on the brand of tequila).
I'm sorry I don't have a photo of the real finished product, but this is what they look like (photo from honeymoon in Mexico). The Margarita Machine is available for all your parties, just inquire with me about rental fees and if you'd like one yourself, you can also put your order in! :) Pin It


David said...

That sums it up, great job babe.

leah said...

So cool David. I think I would be in trouble if I had my own margarita machine haha!

Mock family said...

I will take mine with frozen lemonade and vodka, thanks! order up!

Ginny said...

Glad it's still in working order. I was a little worried we killed it at the party. You are so lucky David is so handy and builds things we don't even know we need and now we can't live without. I'll be down soon for my Margarita!

Lacey said...

Oh my gosh that is AWESOME David!!!!! Great job! I think I should come by sometime and test this invention out Jenn! :)

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