Monday, June 14, 2010

Heat Wave!

Well, it was a scorcher this weekend in Georgia. The temperatures were in the 90's with feel like temperatures at 100. Our air conditioning thought it was a great weekend to go out and not work. We have two units, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. The upstairs one was giving us a hard time and not kicking on right on Thursday. David went to take a look at it and compare it to the downstairs unit that was working. Well, a little switch-a-roo and finagling, they were both not working as of Friday evening. We had our friend Brandon come over and look at it on his Saturday off after a real crappy and hot Friday. As you can imagine he is a sought after man when the weather gets hot. Thanks for coming out Brandon! David says he won't mess with it, until you take a look next time! That didn't last long though, David took another look saturday afternoon. He matched up all the wires on the circuit board and re-did things a few times and like magic the downstairs was working again! Thank GOODNESS!!
The thermostat upstairs said 89 most the weekend though. We camped out downstairs and are patiently waiting for them to come back out today. Oh, I forgot to mention where the AC units were located... In the attic!! If the upstairs is 89 degrees and the attic is above that level, I'm guessing it was over 100. I climbed up there a few times, to try to make sure David wasn't passed out. Did I mention, I hate stairs with holes, Man it took a few times of practice and Davids assistance to get up there. It was so hot that his outfit was so drenched it was a different color each time he'd go up there. He is the best for working for hours up there saturday to get us air!! Thanks Babe!! Pin It


leah said...

goodness I'm so sorry!! I'm really glad David got it back working on Saturday!

David said...

That was a pain, I hope he can fix it today. You should have seen us come out of that attic, we looked like we were in a wet t-shirt contest.

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