Thursday, June 24, 2010

Top Three Thursday-Purchases

This week's top 3 is on top purchases we've made recently!
1. Roomba- I continue to love my roomba. You can see my post here, where I showed you how he works. It saves so much time and really does get the job done. He is a welcome member of our "cleaning crew".
2. Crockpot/Slow cooker- The other week when we were going to have David's parents over for dinner. I made burned BBQ pulled chicken. I didn't add enough bbq sauce and it burned the crockpot. I scrubbed for over a week and it wasn't going to come out. It's time for a new crockpot! We haven't actually purchased this yet, but this is what we want. Something that is programmable so we can set the time for increments instead of just the low, high settings we used to have. Mine is never in there for 8 hours, its usually 9-10 hours  by the time i get home from work. This one also has a locked lid so no spilling during transport!
3. Nalgenes!- I recently purchased these water bottles or as Leah likes to call them, Nalgenes. The brand is Nalgene so she just calls it that, but they are water bottles to me. The name is growing on me though. The good thing about these is that they are made in the USA, they are bpa free and dishwasher safe! I got matching ones in different colors for David and me. It really helps to keep track of how much water you are drinking daily. You can get these at REI. 
I know Michelle's top purchase will be here new Iphone4!! I took her to the airport this morning and 5 minutes before we left, the door bell rang. It was Fedex with her new Iphone!!!! We knew it was going to be delivered today before 3, but her flight was at 2 so we had to go. She will have to do a post reviewing it. I just love the way it looks!
What is your top 3 purchases? To see more Top Three Thursday posts, check out Southern in the City's blog and the people that link up to her! Pin It


Lacey said...

I want a roomba and a "nalgene"! :) I can't believe Michelle got the new iphone...SO jealous!!!

leah said...

I love all your top purchases!!! So glad you finally joined the Nalgene club :)

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