Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!

This weekend David and I will celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary! The year has really flown by and we have loved being married. I am thinking back and remembering all the hard work that everyone in our families put in for the wedding.  A year ago today we were changing flower water (since we were doing our own flowers), getting ready for the rehearsal/dinner and running around with our heads cut off. I'm so glad we don't have to do that part over again. The day we got married David worked his butt off. He ran to Michael's probably 2-3 times, helped assemble flowers, loaded up the wedding arch/arbor, transported everything and helped set up at the venue. This was all while I was getting my hair/makeup done and eating a yummy edible arrangement he sent for me and subs he went and got for us. He really made everything run smoothly and also somehow magically stopped the rain from coming. It rained all around us and the storm clouds were looking terrible, but we never did get rained on officially. It made for a cooler/semi-cloudy outdoor wedding which was perfect for pictures (no squinting). I will show you some photos from the wedding and share some interesting facts that you may or may not have known about David and I.
 This is the color board the designers at work did for our work blog, but it shows all of the color details of the wedding (some of the favors aren't the ones I used, but it looked so great I thought I'd show you.

-We met at the Bland House. Georgia Southern people know what I'm talking about. They were having a house Party (my first and last house party that we ever went to). An interesting fact about the bland house was if you saw them sitting in their driveway on recliners that day then you knew there was a party that night. Cops got called within the first half hour of us being there.

-David introduced himself as George at the party (funny guy huh). So one day at school I passed him and said hi and I told my friends "I saw George today".
-Our first date was to a Dairy Queen. I was sick and had this horrible cough that lasted for weeks so he was sweet and we went to get milkshakes.

-We dated 6 years before we got married.

-We got engaged on a trip to the Dominican Republic.

-I am from New York State, went to school in Georgia, moved to Florida with David and we are back in Georgia. David is Georgia born and raised, but his family is from Chicago. Northern at heart :)
-David spent the 3-4 months before we got married in another state for work. Good thing for my sister who came to stay with me for the last month!

-David built the arch we got married under. We keep it in our backyard now and can always remember our day.

-We honeymooned in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.
We are going on a secret (to me anyway) little overnight trip for our anniversary so I will report back next week on where and what we are doing!! I'm so excited! Happy Anniversary to the best husband and guy I know. I love you!! Pin It


Lacey said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I LOVE all of your collages of your wedding day, it was so beautiful!!! I hope you have a fun time celebrating this weekend and I can't wait to hear what david has planned for you guys!

leah said...

I loved this post Jen! Like Lacey and I say EVERY TIME we all hang out... you and David are PERFECT for each other in every way! Hope you guys have a wonderful surprise trip, can't wait to hear what he planned!

David said...

It has been a wonderful year with my beautiful wife and I look forward to many more. I couldn’t have done anything that day without Jen’s planning and the help of my family and friends. My Aunt Bonnie and your mom spent 8hrs arranging 1500 roses the day of the wedding. I would also like to give a shout out to David and Matt who helped me with yard work and support for the flowers. That was the funniest thing seeing David (navy / firefighter) and Matt (marine / pipefitter) dethorning/clipping flowers. And last but not least all of the help of Jens friends and sister, Michelle. Without them I don’t think she would have been home when I got back a week before the wedding.

DudeMan135 said...

I'm still not sure who Tomy is in arbor picture "Tomy Love Jen"...but his love was obviously no match for that of David! Or should I say George!

Happy Anniversary, have a great weekend you two!!

Mock family said...

it was so Bob not George fyi

Jen S said...

Happy anniversary you two! I love reading about your adventures and daily endeavors. You make chores like adding mulch to gardens look fun together. Many more happy memories to you :)

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