Monday, April 12, 2010

Molly's Surgery & A Garden Update!

As many of you have heard our little precious dog, Molly, had to have surgery on friday for her ACL. A few days prior she got out of our fence and started chasing a cat. She must have turned wrong on her knee, because as David went to go find her she let out a big whelping cry. We were very thankful to have found a great Veterinarian and place closer to our house to have this done so fast. We just wanted to get it done as soon as possible so we could begin the recovery process, which is around 6-8 weeks. She has a wrap around the area where the stiches are just to protect it so we haven't seen the actual scar area. We want to keep it on there as long as possible so she doesn't try to lick or irratie it. We go in about 10 days to get the stitches/staples out. We also went to a wedding on Friday night (I'll post on it soon) and we're so grateful that Amber and Preston could watch Molly for us while we went to Athens for the wedding. Here is a photo of Molly taken on Saturday morning as she is trying to milk David for attention.
This next photo was taken in the backyard. She decided to take a rest in the back by all the bushes. It was gorgeous outside so she was enjoying the weather. Isn't she so cute?
While we were back there I checked on the garden, (I am watering every day and keeping an eye out) and I saw something in one of the squares!! Now this could be nothing, even though it looks like something. They said I wouldn't get weeds, so I'm crossing my fingers. It is in the lettuce square, but if you look close enough you can see 2 little green sprouts!! I will keep posting with my findings this week.
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Lacey said...

awwww poor Molly!!!! But she does look so cute in that purple cast! :)

You've already got some sprouts!! How exciting!

leah said...

I definitely see something in that square... HOW EXCITING your garden is working!!

Poor little Molly. So glad she's still enjoying the weather outside!!

Mock family said...

awww Molly is soo cute, I wish I could come take care of her. That's very exciting about your garden!

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