Thursday, September 16, 2010

#1 Garden Grower, Late Bloomer and a Pizza Quesadilla

With the summer hopefully being over soon, I wanted to share with you what has grown the best in the garden. This herb is really out of control, in a good way. I have never run out of it and have shared with people numerous times. If you are ever thinking about growing some herbs, you need to add BASIL to your list. It's the gift that keeps on giving and growing.
It is literally 2 feet tall. The cucumber leaves are what looks yellow coming through some of the basil. The oregano you can see to the right is also growing really well.
I had lost hope for any kind of tomato to grow this year, but I was surprised when I went out there the other day to find these! Could these be my little tomatoes starting to grow very late in the season?
I also said I was going to post on apple dumplings that I made, but I have had a little stomach bug and really don't want to look at anything I ate before I started feeling bad so I won't be showing that. You can read the Pioneer Womans recipe since that is where I got it from. It was really simple and good though. For dinner this week the only thing that has sounded good is what I like to call pizza quesadillas.
I started with a wheat tortilla and sprayed my pan with cooking spray. Then you just add sauce and cheese and any pizza toppings you like. I had chicken on mine the night before. Wait for the cheese to melt a bit and then put another tortilla on top and flip it over very carefully. Cook for a few more mins until the bottom is brown.
There ya go. So easy and it only takes about 5 minutes and you have dinner!
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Jen S said...

You really are Italian if you crave pizza when you're sick. Feel better soon!

leah said...

I can't believe the basil!! Crazy cool for sure.

Only you would turn a quesadilla into a pizza hahaha!

DudeMan135 said...

that basil is insane...mmm, pizza!

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