Monday, September 27, 2010


David took me shopping this weekend! The deal was that he was going to come dress shopping with me and have to sit through all that. Well it only took one store and 30 minutes, he definitely lucked out. I ended up finding 3 dresses for basically the price of 1 dress anywhere else. They were all about $20. Nordstrom Rack is the best!
 I did make him go to a few other stores since I had giftcards to spend. I love that I can wear these to work and to a dinner!
 Here are a couple of the outfits that I purchased from the Loft.
This is a super cute sweater dress. All in all it was a fun shopping day on saturday. Stay tuned to part 2 tomorrow, date night!
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leah said...

Love all your new dresses, can't wait to see you wear them at work! Sweater dresses just look adorable on you, love it!

Lacey said...

I love all of your dresses!!!! And I love that sweater dress on you!

Bloggin in PA said...

oh I love that dress from Loft!!! They were having the best sale this week!

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