Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hibachi Birthday Dinner for Bob

Last night I went out to dinner for Bob's (Amber's boyfriend) birthday at the Kani House. It is a Japanese hibachi style dinner.
 Here is the group of us getting ready to eat. Unfortunately David had a work meeting so he was unable to join us.
 Bob got a large sake and it came in a big teapot, we thought that was interesting.
 No dinner is complete unless you try to catch egg in your mouth from the chef. Here Bob is demonstrating the proper position. Amber got it on the first try, i couldn't catch that photo in time.
Amber and I love teriyaki sauce on our chicken. So we made sure our chef covered our chicken with it, and he obliged. Look at how amazing that looks!
Of course we had them sing happy birthday!
 Here is Bob with his nice decorative umbrella he got to hold during the birthday song.
Here is the lovely couple posing with the umbrella. Shout out to Shelly, our new friend that sat with us at the table who took a lot of these photos for me. Her birthday is on Thursday, but unfortunately I don't have a photo of her.
No birthday for Bob is complete without a fudgy the whale ice cream cake! Amber brought it to the restaurant earlier in the day and they brought it out for us all to enjoy. Apparently he has been waiting for this since his 8th birthday so I'm glad he finally got it! Happy Birthday Bob! Pin It


leah said...

Happy Birthday Bob! Looks like a yummy celebration!

Lacey said...

Looks like such a fun bday celebration!!

Betty said...

Gotta love the Hibachi dinners (perfect for birthdays!)...looks like everyone had a great time!

Ginny said...

Watch out for the flying eggs - I caught one in the eye. That really hurt!! Gald you all had a fun B'Day Party.

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