Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Silly Doggie & A Birthday Shout Out

I had to take Molly to the Vet to have her leg looked at again. She has been holding it up again which could be because while we were gone she was off playing with Lola a bit too hard. He gave me some anti-inflammatory meds to hopefully help, if not they may have to go back in. Anyways, so I got molly a pretty new leash at petsmart the other day and wanted to take a photo to show it off. Well I did it right before the vet appointment so she is looking and sitting all proper because she knows where I'm about to take her.
I just noticed that wire in the background. The roomba was getting stuck on something the other day, he must have been trying to eat up that cord and now its sprawled all over the floor.
I was getting ready to pour the new bag of dog food into the container and Molly was so excited about new food (even though its the same kind). She stuck her whole face in the bag and she would try to catch the food mid air as it was going in. So funny!
Also, Happy Birthday to my Dad! Hope you have a great birthday! While we were in NY we picked out (with the help of mom) and installed some new light fixtures for their kitchen/eating area for his birthday.

After! Much better right? Except for the neighbors behind us thinking there is a red light special going on, but we like it! Pin It


Lacey said...

Aww Molly looks so cute!! And I love the new light fixtures you picked out, they look great!

Jen S said...

Very nice lights! Happy birthday to your dad!

Mock family said...

happy birthday dad! pretty leash and pretty lights

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