Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where is Fall?

On the eve of the beginning of fall (some people say its today, but my calendar says tomorrow), we are still in mid summers heat. In Georgia the past week has been 95 degrees. The average for this time of year is 82. I'd love to see that. I have a feeling we are going to skip fall and go right to winter. On this hot tropical day, I thought I'd share some summer time photos of Molly and Maddie.
 This is what Molly would like to be doing probably right about now. She loves her little kiddie pool. She'll just plop down in the water and enjoy herself.
The next one is when her cousin Maddie came to visit this summer. Maddie is trying to run out of the pool, she didn't love it as much.
Aren't they just so cute! We love when cousins come to visit (lets pretend that they made that bed a mess).
I am also getting excited about Halloween! Do you have your costume picked out yet? David and I have our costumes picked out, but its a secret until the reveal date (don't give it away if you already know it). I'd like to pre-thank Leah and Lacey for coming up with our costumes for this year. They just know us too well!
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Lacey said...

aww the pictures of the doggies are so cute! And I can't wait to see you and David in your Halloween costumes this year!!!

Nikki said...

I'm ready for fall and I am SO ready for Halloween! I haven't dressed up for the past few years (we never do anything on halloween, so I would just be dressing up and roaming around my apartment), but I always dress my pup up! The first year he was Batman, and last year he was Mickey Mouse. I don't know what he will be this year.

Mock family said...

awww aren't the cousins so cute!! I still need to go to walmart to scope something out for maddie, she'll just love it... NOT :)

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