Friday, September 10, 2010

Food- Rochester, NY Style

Upstate NY has some great food that we always have to have while we are in town. First and foremost, I need to tell you guys about the Trash Plate. That is the name, and although it doesn't sound appealing, you can't knock it till you've had it. You have your choice of meat, mac salad, beans or home fries. You can get any combination of that. I got hamburgers with mac salad and home fries. It comes with a meat sauce/hot sauce type topping if you want it. It's not that spicy.
This is the menu. I didn't realize how many diff. meats you can choose from.
I realize it looks like a pile of throw up, but its good. 
 This is Davids. He got everything and anything on his. I could barely finish half of mine. 
Next on our list was Abbotts frozen custard. It is more whipped and soft than icecream. 
We split the vanilla m & m custard. So yummy!
We also had to get apple cider. Our favorite farm market at the end of our street, Hermans, didn't have cider until the day we left so I went to Schutts instead.
Yummy Cider!
One night for dinner we went to Perlo's (an Italian restaurant in East Rochester). The house salads came with black olives and almost everyone gave me theirs! So I had a black olive salad with a side of lettuce. Amazing!
David got the stuffed chicken.
I of course got the Chicken Parmesan.
My mom got the Haddock french, which is like a fish fry in a lemon sauce. It was really good.
Group table shot (Dad was working). 
Another must have item is Pizza! Every time we come up we have Pizza Wars. Basically, I love Marks pizza and my brother loves Pontillos pizza so we order both and just eat it and talk smack about why we like one over the other. Here we go!
Chris and Marla even took some Pontillos pizza and froze it to bring home.
Did I mention it turned into the frozen tundra when we were up there. It was a high of 62, but it felt like 40 and it should have been snowing.
 This was my meal. And I ate most everything but a few fries. Hence why I am on diet detox this week and only eating healthy foods and salads. I had a hamburger, pizza rolls and fries. 
David got a white hot and a red hot. He wanted to test them out to see which one he liked better. He voted on the red. 
Are you guys hungry yet?
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Jen S said...

Oh my goodness. I want all of that! I'll be home in a week and should beging a detox now!

leah said...

HAHAHA this post cracked me up. So now I see why you are on detox this week for sure. Being pregnant though all of this food looks AMAZING and I'm craving it all even though it's only 9:30 in the morning. YUMMM

Lacey said...


DudeMan135 said...

It was so good...ready for another round! :o)

Mock family said...

I am SOOOOOOOOO HUNGRY, seriously, I'll take all that NOW.... jealous big time.... everyone's cholesterol should have sky rocketed

SnoWhite said...

ahhh... upstate NY! I'm sure you've enjoyed White Hot Dogs, right? That was something my husband's family introduced me to.

It's fun checking out your site -- I'll be back.

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