Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Random Wednesday

Happy September! I have a few photos that cover a variety of topics that I wanted to share on this Wednesday with you. The first is a photo from Game day at work last Friday. We played bingo (company themed) over our phone PA system and Trivia/Riddles in the afternoon. We didn't win anything, but came pretty close! We had so much fun.
Sorry its blurry, but that's what happens when you ask a guy to take a photo for you (no offense boys).
 Check out this pretty photo collage frame that I hung in the hallway upstairs. It's hard to see the overall vision, but it looks great in this spot. I wanted to learn how to hang a picture with a drill so David and I did this the other night for a good hour. It's a lot of work to measure and line things up and then it was so uneven that we thought our floor was slanted. It wasn't though, it was the hooks on the actual back of the picture, thank goodness. Frame came from Kirklands ($20).
Look at this GIGANTIC moth that was in our garage. David was working in there with the light on and the garage open. He was still there the next morning. The pic is blurry because I was shaking trying to take the picture. It was the size of our fist! Yuck! He is safely out of the garage now though, so don't worry. Pin It

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leah said...

You guys with your gigantic bugs!! EW! I love the picture frame and am proud of you for learning to hang one! It seriously is a lot of work!

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