Monday, August 23, 2010

Audrina's 3rd Birthday

Friday night we went over to Amber's for a birthday celebration. It looked like Christmas in there with all the presents this little girl received. It was great to actually see her enjoy it this year.
The theme of the party was "Under the Sea".
Audrina insisted we start the party by opening some gifts. This kept her occupied for a long time and then when she'd get bored we'd open some more gifts.
This is Amber's Dad and Judy. They were the chefs for the evening. We had hamburgers and Zweigle's hot dogs. These are the best hot dogs ever. They are a Rochester, NY thing. They recently took a trip up there and stocked up with cases of this stuff.
Take a look at my plate. I seriously ate all of it, but had a little of the burger left. I don't know how I fit it all in, but it was so good I went back for the rings (macaroni salad). We also had baked beans and potato salad.
Group shot of everyone playing and hanging out.
Audrina playing with one of the gifts we got her. She just loves Tinkerbell and Littlest Pet Shop.
This is what great grams sent for her to open. She loved it all.
Me and Amber
Bob and David
Cake time!
Mmmm so yummy. We had a great time celebrating Audrina's birthday.
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Lacey said...

It was decorated so cute!! I love the cake! And those hamburgers and hot dogs look delicious!

Jen S said...

Adorable cake! Will you be learning cake decorating to make her 4th bday cake next year?

Jen said...

I'm not really a baked good kinda person, I like real food too much. I can do some things, but don't really have that desire. I'll let you do that :)

Mock family said...

that party looks like WAY too much fun, I want all that food NOW!! please send me some of the zweigels and cider and donuts from Hermans when you go up, THANKS

DudeMan135 said...

OH...that is a good idea Shell, didn't think about Apple Cider! mmmm...Not sure if that is macaroni salad with rings next to the hot dog on the plate but if so, yummo also! Man, now I'm really ready for dinner! nom nom nom nom :)

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