Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Michelle!!!

Tomorrow is the birthday of the best sister ever! It also happens to be mine too. We've spent a few birthdays apart, but its never as fun. So this post is all for her! I will share some things I love best about her.
She is the best to eat food with- we love to eat, all the time and she is just like me! She is also the best taster. She cooks pretty well, but would rather I do it, so shes always willing to taste and eat everything I make.
She is the best to shop with! She is pretty much my personal shopper, plus I can usually shop in her closet. Since we don't live close our shopping trips are a few times a year. I tried to steal some clothes from her the last time she was here, but it didn't work out.
She is the best to "watch" shows with. We coordinate our nightly schedules and record and watch the shows at the same time. It's fun to share reactions. We're considering this a hobby so shh. This photo was taken last christmas when it snowed in TX. It was so fun!
Happy 27th Birthday Michelle!! Wish you were here to hang with us!
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Mock family said...

GREAT TRIBUTE!! happy birthday!!

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